Tornedalians stories

A story/memory/history about Tornedalen

Haparanda-Torneå Släktforskarförening Haparanda Sweden 

My Visit to the Torne River Valley, by Vivian White

Vivian visited the Torne River Valley in July and Aug 2010 and wrote of her experience visiting the valley where her great-great grandfather Edward Rova emigrated from in 1892.


A Short Story

about a couple of Nuottioranta inhabitants who came to live in the Red Jacket village in Calument, Houghton County, Michigan, by Sture Torikka.


They Left the Tornio River Valley, by Linda Reverchon

The Ivarie Rova Family's Odyssey


Karl Johan Ranta Kohkoinen, by Stuart Randa

He emigrated from the village Kuivakangas, Torne River Valley, Sweden.


Petter Arvid Patron, by Herbert Wirlöf

Following Petter Arvid Patron's foodsteps in America


Methi family, emigration to Norway.


The Story of Kaleb Eriksson, published in "History of Living Christianity in America".

Kaleb Eriksson from Lainio, Sweden to Sparta, USA.


Familjen Kurkkio from Jukkasjärvi


Hjalmer Mattson Linna Story, by Herbert Wirlöf

Following his footsteps from Hietaniemi parish, from Hietaniemi parish, Bäckesta village in Torne River Valley Sweden-Finland to Port Arthur, Canada and then to Russia.


They left Torne River Valley as emigrants and became immigrants in Norway, by Knut Knutsen

My grandfather, maternal side; Isak Isaksson Tiensuu from Armasjärvi


My Ancestors from Torne River Valley, by Tore Johansen

They left the Torne River Valley as emigrants and became immigrants in Finland


The home of my childhood (slideshow(slideshow), by Herbert Wirlöf (MP4)


Memories of work and life in my home of my childhood, by Bertha Wirlöf


Rode 1900 km in search of my roots in Torne River Valley, by Riley Hendrickson 

Saariland,  by Herbert Wirlöf, visit site

My grandfather's boat, Emma of Haparanda, by Monica Trumstedt

The big Salmon at the cape of Vitsaniemi 1950, by Herbert Wirlöf

Mountain cattle in Ollasbyn Vittangi, by Signe Fredriksson

Dressmaker (rough homespun), by Signe Fredriksson

Haybarns and haymaking in old days in the valley, by Lennart Kankaanranta

Hunting in old days, by Lennart Kankaanranta

Beda Lassinantti Järvi Koivukylä

Barberg(Barba)-Selvälä_Salmonsen Sauna in Cocato

Greta Johanna Wälivainio (Maggie Waltz) from Övertorneå

Oscar Kurkinen (Corgan) story

John Wilhelm Närä story (the photographer)

Axel and Hilda Heino

History of the Finns in Michigan

History of the Swedish Brasilian emigrants

Henrik Larsen kom fra Tornedalen. Han gikk under navnet Anders Kven

Pääjärvi Otto Albert Johansson, by Thomas Wahlberg

Utvandringshistoria: Carl Johan Eriksson Hammaskoski Stock, by Roy Martin Istad


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